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How to Live Big in a One-Bedroom Apartment

For many seniors, a one-bedroom apartment is the size that fits just right. There’s plenty of space to spread out a bit, but not too much to maintain. In fact, the right interior design can maximize storage and make a one-bedroom apartment feel quite spacious.


If you’re planning a move to an Independent Living community, these tips and tricks for how to decorate a one-bedroom apartment may help you decide on the perfect floor plan for retirement living. You may even discover a smaller space suits you better than you imagined.


Rely on multifunctional furniture.

Whether you’re purchasing new furnishings or repurposing those you already own, plan to fill your new home with furniture that does double duty. When you’re considering how to decorate a one-bedroom space with multipurpose furniture, think in terms of the obvious, like couches that convert to sleepers when you have overnight guests and coffee tables that store belongings or ottomans for additional seating. But don’t stop there. Also get creative in finding new ways to use the pieces you love the most. For example, a beloved armoire might be well-suited to serve as both a TV console and storage for treasured belongings in your new living room.

Library seating area at Lakewood Senior Living

Embrace natural light.

Bright, inviting rooms almost always feel larger, so take care in selecting window treatments you can tie back or raise to allow the maximum amount of natural light during the day. Use soft colors that reflect the natural light for rooms that appear even more open and airy. If white is too stark or boring for your taste, consider pale hues of brown, gray,  blue, yellow or green instead. Many designers say reflective light is one of their favorite tricks for how to make an apartment feel bigger. A few well-placed mirrors will bounce light around the room, adding the illusion of more windows and extra natural light.


Choose a single aesthetic.

Although you may find it tempting to define distinct spaces with distinct decor, choosing a single overall aesthetic will make your apartment feel more cohesive and less crowded. This doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to decorating each space exactly the same, but choosing colors that work well together makes each room flow seamlessly to the next, which means you’re less likely to feel boxed in or cramped in any part of the apartment.

senior couple hugging in kitchen area at Lakewood Retirement Community

Look high and low for storage.

Choosing a floor plan with good storage space is a smart choice at any stage of life. When you’re looking for one-bedroom apartment decorating ideas, clever storage solutions are a must. That means maximizing every spot you can find, including filling flat storage bins under the bed and even using attractive containers such as baskets you can leave in plain sight. Remember your storage isn’t limited to your floor space; your vertical space offers plenty of potential storage as well, especially when you hang stylish floating shelves or rely on tall furnishings such as bookshelves.

Expansion Interior 9

Use architecture to your advantage.

Embrace the details in your apartment’s architecture to make the space your own. A nook in the living room is ideal for tucking in a desk or crafting table to give you even more use of the space. Even corners can become useful storage spaces with furniture designed to fit, or the addition of a custom bench with a thick cushion that adds comfy seating and storage simultaneously.

Lakewood expansion13

Make Yourself Right at Home

Now that you know how to decorate a one-bedroom apartment, it’s time to find the perfect place to call home. At Lakewood, you’ll find bright, open Independent Living floor plans with plenty of amenities. That all adds up to comfortable living in a welcoming community with plenty of charm. What’s more, home maintenance, housekeeping chores, and yardwork are all taken care of, so you’re free to enjoy an active and engaging retirement. Contact us to schedule a visit and come explore our beautiful 128-acre wooded campus just minutes from Richmond’s vibrant West End.