seniors working out together in an exercise class

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Best Way to Get Started in an Exercise Program Seniors

Exercise and physical activity should be a priority throughout your lifetime and shouldn’t lessen with age. Certainly, our bodies change over time and physical challenges arise, sometimes unexpectedly. You may find your flexibility and balance aren’t what they once were. Maybe lifting a laundry basket is harder than it used to be, or your golf swing has lost some of its oomph. The fact is, muscle mass and flexibility decrease if not engaged in a regular exercise program for seniors.   

To maintain an active lifestyle may take a little extra work as we look back at middle age, but staying active is worth the effort. The benefits of exercising are profound, helping us well beyond the physical improvement inherent in boosting strength and stamina. Think of it this way: The stronger we are, the more we’re able — and eager — to participate in life. With more engagement in activities, the happier we can make ourselves. Thus, active adults who exercises has more potential for happiness than another who falls into a sedentary routine and, as they say, lets themselves go. Taking part in an exercise program can also help you maintain freedom, independence, which is something every adult should strive for. Lakewood, an independent living community in Richmond, offers amenities and services for your well-being and to help you get started in an exercise program. 

How to Find the Best Exercise Program for Seniors. You!

There are many options available to get involved in an exercise program for seniors. Don’t be intimidated. You’ll find there are different levels of intensity and difficulty, one of which will be suitable for your abilities.

Use the checklist below to ensure you’re making the most out of your experience:

Consult Your Doctor: Before you commit to any senior exercise program, talk with a health professional you trust. Communicate the programs you’re interested in, and discuss whether that program is right for your physical abilities or preexisting conditions. A checkup with your doctor can help you understand what exercise programs will address your physical needs. Most doctors will be able to make recommendations.

What is a Good Exercise Program for Seniors: The more you look forward to the activity, the more likely you are to stick with it. Make it fun and find a trainer you like. If you enjoy dance and fitness, try a Zumba or dance group. If you want a more relaxing and calming activity, try yoga or Pilates — even these seemingly less vigorous activities are great for flexibility and strength. If you have joint pain, try swimming or aqua aerobics. The best program for you will be the one that you have the most fun doing and welcome into your lifestyle.

Try Different Options and Start Slow: There are countless exercise classes for seniors, techniques and resources. Try different programs to find what you enjoy and what’s most suitable for your physical needs and abilities. After you figure out which program is best for you, start slowly, and make sure you are approaching the program carefully and at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Set Clear Goals: You’ll find more satisfaction in your exercise program if you can mark progress. And having something to work toward will keep you engaged. Whether it’s minutes per lap in the pool, walking a certain number of steps per day, or lifting more weight in the second month than you did in the first — achievement feels good. Start with reasonably attainable goals. Once you reach them, set the bar a little higher.

Why Health and Wellness Improve at a Community Like Lakewood

Lakewood, a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Richmond, VA, is designed to improve the lives of those who live here. With a lifestyle that embraces all aspects of senior wellness, residents stay active, enjoy nutritious meals, and have access to varied exercise opportunities. Whether it’s a scheduled yoga or aerobics class, laps in the pool, or a relaxed stroll along the walking paths, Lakewood is retirement community in Richmond to live well and feel great.

To learn more about the benefits of exercise programs for senior at Lakewood, contact us today.