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What Is It Like Living in Long-Term Care at Lakewood?

Helping a loved one move to a long-term care facility is a major life transition that’s often loaded with worries, questions and fears about the unknown. For some families, it’s a decision that happens gradually over time. In other cases, a sudden health crisis triggers the need for finding senior care as soon as possible. Whatever the circumstances leading up to your search for Assisted Living, Memory Care or Skilled Nursing are, being prepared and knowing what to expect can calm your worries and help your loved one ease into day-to-day life at a long-term care facility

Emotions surrounding decisions of home and independence run deep, and it’s important to listen and acknowledge those feelings. Leaving the familiarity of home is a big change for your loved one, but it’s made easier by moving into a supportive community with all the comforts of home. Having access to a range of amenities, health care services, and a lively social environment can help your loved one live the most fulfilling life possible. 

The Most Important Question to Ask About Long-Term Care

There’s a lot to consider when evaluating your loved one’s needs and discussing options for Assisted Living, Memory Care or Skilled Nursing. Beyond estimating costs and learning about what’s included in different levels of care, there’s one question that trumps all the rest: What’s it really like to live in a long-term care facility? To help answer that question, let’s look at a day in the life of Lakewood residents at various levels of living.

What’s an Average Day Like in Assisted Living?

Assisted Living at Lakewood provides the extra help your loved one needs to maintain their independence. Whether they need support with dressing, personal care, bathing, medication management or housekeeping, our highly experienced care team is here to meet their unique needs and maintain their dignity. Residents have access to care 24/7 at the push of a button.

A typical day in Assisted Living starts when your loved one wakes up on their own schedule. If they need help going to the restroom or taking medications, a team member will be there to assist. They may choose to make their own breakfast or join friends in the dining room. Next, they might attend an art class, go for a stroll on scenic paved walking trails, or relax with a book in the library. At lunchtime, they’ll choose from a delicious and healthy menu that’s made to order, again with the option to dine with friends or enjoy a few moments of solitude. 

The afternoon brings adventure for those who seek it, with regularly scheduled outings to museums, theaters, historical sites and more. After a chef-prepared dinner, there’s time for socializing, playing cards, or simply relaxing after a full day. If needed, team members help your loved one with bathing, evening medications, and any other assistance needed. Housekeeping, laundry services and 24/7 concierge services are offered to make life easier — and more fun!

What’s the Day-to-Day Experience in Memory Care?

Memory Care provides a safe and supportive environment for residents with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. A specially trained staff includes team members who are certified dementia specialists and know how to treat your loved one with dignity and respect. At Lakewood, our Memory Care neighborhood is intentionally designed to promote independence in a safe and secure setting.

A typical day in Memory Care begins with established routines and the friendly faces of team members helping your loved one get ready for the day. A hearty breakfast and social interaction provide a bright start to a new day. Your loved one may choose to participate in mid-morning community activities or enjoy quiet time in their residence. They may go for a walk through the Memory Care neighborhood or engage in supervised activities outdoors and in our beautiful gardens. 

Chef-prepared meals featuring seasonal flavors provide more opportunities for enjoyment and social interaction. All throughout the day, your loved one will be empowered to make their own choices and do the things they love, supported as necessary by skilled, compassionate team members. 

What’s Daily Life Like in Skilled Nursing Care?

Skilled Nursing care is available for residents with medical needs requiring a nurse’s attention and round-the-clock care. Registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants are on-site 24/7. Our care team partners with you, your loved one and their doctor to create a personalized care plan for their specific needs. At the same time, your loved one benefits from innovative programming that improves wellness on many levels — physical, cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual. 

A typical day for a Skilled Nursing resident includes frequent check-ins with a care team monitoring their medical conditions. The day begins with breakfast, morning medications, and assistance with activities of daily living. A physician or other medical professionals may stop by for regularly scheduled visits or therapy sessions. Skilled Nursing residents might enjoy activities planned by our certified therapeutic recreation specialist, including recreational, cultural, social and spiritual programs

The afternoon brings opportunities for socializing in common areas or participating in a full calendar of events and entertainment. Meals are prepared by a trained chef, cooked to order and offered in our restaurant-style dining room. If an emergency arises during the night (or any time of day), an experienced healthcare team is available to respond immediately.

Lakewood Recognized for Excellence in Long-Term Care

Lakewood’s top-rated Health Services Center is consistently recognized for excellence in long-term care, earning a 5-Star rating from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Plus, we’ve earned outstanding reviews from the people who matter most — our residents and their families. Contact us to learn more about health services designed to meet your loved one’s needs and enhance their quality of life.