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Signs It’s Time to Move from Your 55+ Community into a Life Plan Community

There are many things to love about living in a 55+ community, such as the active lifestyle, low-maintenance residences and the community of peers. Despite the many positives, if you currently live in a 55+ community, you may have a nagging suspicion that something is missing. If so, you’ll probably find what you’re looking for at a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), also known as a Life Plan Community. In a CCRC, you can enjoy all the perks of an active adult lifestyle, plus peace of mind about the future. Here’s what you need to know:

55+ Communities vs. Independent Living in a CCRC

In your 55+ community, you’ve probably discovered a setting designed for older adults who want to enjoy an active lifestyle in a community of similarly aged people. Whether you rent or own your residence, on-site amenities – such as a pool or fitness center – may create a resort-like feel that enriches daily life.

Not many 55+ communities offer healthcare services, but if they do, it’s typically on a fee-for-service model. In such cases, you may have access to the support you need after a health setback, but you’ll pay for that care at prevailing market rates … which are skyrocketing these days. Most 55+ communities are designed only for active, independent older adults, so if care needs change, you’ll need to move to another community or coordinate in-home care at an additional cost.

In a CCRC, you have access to the same — or sometimes more — perks, such as:

  • resort-style amenities, such as multiple dining venues, a coffee shop, a pool, fitness center, resident garden beds, and walking trails through a beautifully maintained campus
  • well-appointed, maintenance-free homes, which may include apartments, villas or cottages
  • a dynamic community lifestyle with opportunities to socialize, attend lifelong learning classes, volunteer,and pursue your hobbies

But you also get an additional benefit: an on-site continuum of care, which may include Assisted Living, Memory Support, Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation. That means that if health issues arise, you’ll receive the support you need without a disruptive move to a new community. What’s more, couples who need different levels of care can remain in the same community, often only steps away from each other.

And if the CCRC offers a Life Care contract, you have the additional reassurance that you’ll receive the necessary care at a cost that’s similar to the monthly service fee you pay for Independent Living.

Are You Ready to Move to a CCRC?

If you’re ready to enjoy all the advantages of an active adult lifestyle and the security of having a sound plan for the future, the short answer is yes … you’re ready to move to a CCRC! Here are a few other signs that now’s the time to make your move:

  • I’m aware of the realities of aging. Even if you’re the picture of good health now, chances are good that you’ll eventually need long-term care. In fact, a person turning 65 today has an almost 70% chance of requiring some type of long-term care, with women needing an average of 3.7 years and men needing an average of 2.2 years.
  • I want to protect myself from the skyrocketing cost of care. With a Life Care contract at a CCRC, your assets are protected from the increasing cost of long-term care. The fee structure ensures predictable monthly service fees that won’t increase significantly even as your care needs change. But to capitalize on that predictability, you need to move to a CCRC while you’re active and healthy — Life Care contracts are offered only to adults moving into Independent Living.
  • I don’t want to burden my family. If your care needs increase while you’re living in a 55+ community, your family may have to take responsibility for finding appropriate care, moving you to a new community and — if you own your 55+ residence — selling your home, which can be challenging when the pool of potential buyers is restricted.
  • I don’t want to move during a health crisis. In a CCRC, everything you need is already in place. You know where you’ll receive care, who will provide it, and how much it will cost. You can transition seamlessly to the level of care that suits your needs, getting the support you need in a community you love.
  • I want one simple monthly service fee. Unlike some 55+ communities, CCRCs typically charge one monthly service fee. This covers home maintenance, property taxes, utilities, meals, fitness membership, priority access to quality on-site health and supportive services, a beautifully maintained campus, and dozens of other services and amenities.
  • I want more for my money. The fees you pay for a 55+ community can bring you a fulfilling lifestyle now, but in a CCRC your money does more: It buys a vibrant lifestyle, ensures access to quality care if necessary, and protects your retirement assets from rising costs.

Discover the CCRC Advantages at Lakewood

At Lakewood, you can truly enjoy worry-free living, not just because of the maintenance-free residences, but because you have peace of mind knowing that you have care for life. As a CCRC offering a Life Care contract, we provide a vibrant lifestyle, an array of resort-style amenities, and quality long-term care, should the need arise. With a variety of floor plans to suit your preferences and budget, you’re sure to find the perfect home. Contact us to learn more about our beautiful community or to schedule a visit.