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Lakewood Urges Its Community Members to Get Vaccinated

Vaccination rates amongst independent living residents at Lakewood are at 94% or above, while the rates amongst licensed areas are at 85% or higher. These numbers have lagged a bit for team members. Until the community reaches 100% vaccination for all team members and residents, Lakewood’s leadership team will continue to provide resources, education and support to our community members as they determine if vaccination is right for them.

“The vaccines we have in this country are very safe and have been thoroughly vetted by independent organizations like the CDC and the FDA,” said Lakewood’s Medical Director Dr. Khalid Karim. “I personally feel the vaccines are safe and actually safer than some other vaccines that we have.”

The Virginia Department of Health’s Nurse Advisor LaWanda Dunn said the vaccine works by teaching the immune system what to do in response to a COVID infection.

“You do not catch COVID-19 from getting the vaccination. The first injection, if you get a two-dose series, is your body figuring out what to do. Then, with the second dose, your body is like, ‘Okay, we know what to do. We’re going to respond,” Dunn said.

Lakewood residents Judith and Walter Hoye said after receiving the vaccine, they breathed a huge sigh of relief.

“My anxiety has gone way down. It has been an element of freedom and freedom to know we’re probably not infecting others ourselves,” Walter said.

Joan Kerby agrees, “I have a much greater sense of relief and calmness. I feel as if I am protecting myself and other people.”

Lakewood team member Bennie Parker said at first he was reluctant to get the vaccine, but his mother convinced him it was the right thing to do.

“She explained that because I work in a facility and claim to love the residents and they love me, I should take the vaccine so I can protect myself from them and them from me. And, I can keep my mother safe,” he said.