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January 12: Vaccine Update for Independent Living, Team Members

Lakewood’s leadership team is pleased to announce that representatives with Walgreens confirmed dates for the community’s COVID-19 vaccine clinics. The first vaccine clinic is scheduled for January 14. On that date,  independent living, assisted living, memory support and healthcare residents, as well as Lakewood team members, will have the opportunity to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

The vaccination team from Walgreens will be set up in the Simms Center on January 14 for the vaccination of independent living residents. The Resident Council has set up a volunteer team to help with this clinic. This team will be contacting residents who have submitted their consent forms. Resident volunteers will contact you to give you your appointment time. Make sure you come at your designated vaccine appointment time. Please do not arrive early or late to your scheduled time, you will be asked to return home; this will allow the clinic to run smoothly. Resident Council and resident volunteers will be available to remind and assist you during this process.

On vaccination day, please remember:
  • Wear layers and/or a short-sleeved shirt.
    • This is so the upper arm is easily accessible.
  • Bring a Medicare card or insurance card.
  • Wear a mask at all times.
  • Remember to socially distance.
  • Come at the designated vaccine appointment time.
  • Please pay attention to all signs in and around the Simms Center.
    • This is to show where to sign-in and where to enter/exit.

After receiving the vaccine, residents and team members will be moved to an observation area either in the Simms Center or the surrounding area. This is where those who have been vaccinated will be observed for 15 minutes for side effects. Once the observation time is complete, participants will be able to leave the observation area.

Please continue to wear a mask and socially distance after vaccination. Even after the vaccine is administered, it can still be spread to others.

Walgreens representatives also confirmed that the next COVID-19 vaccine clinic will be held on February 4. At this clinic, residents and team members will receive the second dose of the vaccine. A third clinic is scheduled for February 25 for those who receive the first dose at the February 4 clinic.

Residents who are currently positive will be unable to receive the vaccine on the January 14 clinic date. Those residents will be able to receive their first dose at the second clinic date on February 4. 

Please contact Myra Conway at (804) 521-9247 or [email protected] if you have any questions.