Father and son talking over the holiday season

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Holiday Season & Aging Parents – How to have the talk

Holiday Season & Aging Parents — Great time for the talk

This holiday, like the rest of 2020, may look a lot different than previous years. And while you may be checking in with your aging parents more often through email, text, phone calls and video calls, you may not have seen them in a while. Whether you’re planning to get together in person or virtually, celebrating the holiday season with aging parents may be a good time to talk about their plans for the future. As these unprecedented times have shown, safety and socializing is very important. But should they consider moving to a retirement living community in Richmond, and if so, when? What are the benefits of retirement communities and how could a move improve your parents’ lives … and yours as well?  This blog post will offer some reasons why now might be a good time to consider independent living.

When’s the right time for independent senior living?

The holidays can be exciting and stressful for everyone, and that includes your parents. A senior independent living community like Lakewood will free your loved ones from the chores of home maintenance, housekeeping, and even cooking. So they’ll have more time to socialize and focus on what’s important to them. Here are some signs it may be a good idea to talk with your parents about making a move:
Look: If you can, take a look around the house to see if they’re having trouble with the maintenance and upkeep. Also check their fridge for expired food.
Notice: If you’re visiting your parents’ house, pay close attention to their meal preparation to see if there’s a change.
Listen: Sit and talk with your parents about their daily routine and overall health. Ask if they’re sleeping and eating well. Are they feeling isolated or having trouble getting around? 

Deciding to have “the talk.”

If you’re spending the holiday season with aging parents, it can be difficult to talk with them about moving to a senior living community. But as uncomfortable as you think it may be, the most difficult hurdle is often getting the conversation started. As much as possible, you want this to be their decision, not yours, so when you ask questions or make suggestions, phrase it from their point of view. 
For example, here are some questions you might pose to help them seriously consider making the move:

  • Are you ready to give up the chores of home maintenance and upkeep?
  • Would you like to cook and clean less?
  • Do you want to socialize and travel more?
  • Is it time to learn a new hobby or make time for an old one?
  • Would you like to decide your future rather than have your family decide for you?

Benefits of moving to a retirement community.

The ideals of American independence and self-reliance are woven into our very character. So suggesting your loved ones sell their house might well result in some very testy conversations. To help, point out these benefits of moving to a community, and give them time to really think about how nice it would be to live like this:

  • Leave behind home upkeep and repairs: At most senior living communities, maintenance, home repairs and housekeeping are included in the monthly fee.
  • Be chauffeured: Independent Living communities have regularly scheduled transportation for shopping and doctor appointments. 
  • Get out of the kitchen: Today’s senior living communities feature restaurant-style dining options, grab-and-go cafés and more.
  • Live well: A community with a strong health services in Richmond and wellness philosophy will already have classes that exercise your mind, body and spirit. They also have health-conscious menu options that will make meeting wellness goals easier and more convenient.
  • Be social: A community has a variety of interesting neighbors who quickly become friends, along with a calendar full of stimulating recreational, cultural and social events.

Can your loved ones wait too long?

Your parents could be in great health today and plan to move to a community eventually, but who knows what the future holds? To help convince them not to procrastinate, suggest these as three good reasons to move to a senior independent living community sooner rather than later:

  • Be independent: Typically, to move to an Independent Living community, you have to be healthy enough to truly live on your own. If you wait too long and experience an unexpected health issue, you may not be qualified to move into Independent Living.
  • Find the best floor plan: If you want a specific type of residence or floor plan, waiting could mean you miss out on your preferred residence. 
  • Take control of your future: Deciding to move now gives you more control over your future. You can pick the community that best fits your lifestyle and budget. Plus, choosing a community that has access to health services takes the worry and uncertainty off both you and your family members. 

We can help you find the right option.

At Lakewood, we’ve helped thousands of seniors just like your loved ones find a more fulfilling and engaging lifestyle. In fact, residents often say they’re enjoying themselves so much, they wished they’d moved here sooner. To learn more about the benefits of our community for your family members or to schedule an in-person or virtual tour for everyone, fill out our contact form.