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An Inside Look of Daily Life at Lakewood Senior Living Community

Ever wonder what daily life is like at senior living communities? Maybe you’ve pictured group fitness classes, book clubs and other activities for seniors. Most independent living communities offer a robust calendar of programs and activities. But those places can’t compare to the fulfilling retirement lifestyle you’ll find at Lakewood.

Our community offers the kind of inspired living you always envisioned for yourself in retirement. This is where vibrant individuals thrive by enjoying a true sense of belonging and an array of active lifestyle opportunities. Lakewood has everything you need to live the dynamic lifestyle you deserve –– and now  with our campus expansion complete, things have gotten even better. Let us tell you what we mean.

Picture yourself waking up at Lakewood in your beautiful new residence — your choice of villa, spacious apartment, cozy cottage or innovative Hybrid Home. Having toured a few senior living communities before Lakewood, you were wowed by your options. All the floor plans you saw here were meticulously maintained and included features like fully equipped kitchens, large windows and plenty of closet storage space. Definitely not your grandmother’s typical nursing home.

You get ready and head out the door because you’ve made plans for brunch with friends at your favorite place. Each time you’ve gone has been more enjoyable than the last. Whatever you’ve been in the mood for, the exceptional service and flexible options ensured that it was a meal worth remembering. The chefs focus on fresh foods and superior quality to create made-to-order dishes with the most delicious, locally sourced ingredients. From the food, to the friendly staff and atmosphere, it’s the most enjoyable dining experience you’ve had recently in the West End area. Best of all, it’s close. Like really close. On-campus-dining-room kind of close.

When the meal is over, you head back home to change for class. No, not a sewing or calligraphy class (although you could take one of those if you wanted to). You’ve got SALSA CLASS! It may sound out of the ordinary, but this kind of thing is just one of many activities for seniors that sets Lakewood apart from other independent living communities. Fun and invigorating classes like this one are possible because of the community’s commitment to wellness. As a resident, you’re given all the right choices you could want to live exceptionally well, and they’re all led by experienced wellness coordinators, certified fitness trainers, an expert culinary team and an empowering staff. These experts have been vital in helping you reach your highest potential in every dimension of senior wellness.

Because Lakewood allows so many opportunities to stay active, you feel better now than you have in years. That means you have more energy to explore and experience all that your new community has to offer. And Lakewood offers a lot. They have to, what with all the incredible people who call this place home. This is a community of doers, thinkers, givers and go-getters. It seems like everyone here shares a passion for having fun and staying engaged. Everywhere you go throughout the community, you’re surrounded by innovative opportunities for lifelong learning and cultural events. Nothing here was overlooked. Even the walking trails are state-of-the-art, with high-tech synthetic surfaces that drain quickly and reduce stress on your legs.

After all that dancing, it’s time for something a little more relaxing (but equally exciting and new). You make your way to the woodworking shop. In this place, you don’t even need our own tools to pursue your new hobby. It has plenty of work benches with table saws, drill presses, sanders and jointers. The best part about this workshop is the spirit of sharing and teaching that exists among all the woodworkers. This is just one of several arts and education offerings available at Lakewood. There’s also a creative arts studio that hosts a variety of classes. Performance artists regularly stop by the community. Plus, Lakewood’s convenient location means it’s easy to organize group outings to incredible offerings throughout the Richmond area, including the Richmond Ballet, Maymont Park, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the Edgar Allan Poe Museum, and more. 

Once your woodwork is done, it’s back to the dining room for another delicious dinner with friends. It’s been a day full of great laughs, good food and wonderful new memories. And you get to do it all again tomorrow. 

If this sounds like the kind of place you could picture yourself calling home, then come discover how Lakewood can make your life shine.