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We Celebrate Independence Everyday!

Its National Senior Independence Month!

Anyone who’s been around a toddler knows the desire for more freedom and independence starts at a very early age. Once we learned the word “no” and were able to walk on our own, we’ve wanted to do what we wanted to do. Independence allows us the freedom to take control of our lives and choose to focus on what is most important to us.

February is National Senior Independence Month and is a great time to figure out what you need to do to keep building on your own independence — because putting another candle on your cake doesn’t mean it’s time to count fewer freedoms. If anything, it’s a time to celebrate your goals and make sure your health and happiness are on track. This article will offer you a few tips on how to maintain your freedom while still giving your family and friends peace of mind.

4 Tips for Staying Independent in Your Senior Years

  1. Stay Involved: Fuel your independence during your retirement years with positive habits and activities. Whether it be reigniting a passion or continuing on with a hobby you’ve enjoyed for years, staying involved in activities that interest you allows you to embrace your independence. Some ideas include volunteering with a favorite organization, playing an instrument or maintaining your fitness routine.
  2. Keep Organized: Clutter around the house can lead to unsafe conditions. To help you feel more secure in your home, make sure your living area is clean and organized. Keep floors and walkways clear and install adequate lighting.
  3. Embrace Technology: As technology evolves, it’s important to keep in mind that devices aren’t just used for entertainment. Cell phones and tablets allow you to stay connected to families through phone calls or even video chats. Plus, having access to a phone allows you to easily contact help in case of emergencies.
  4. Talk with Your Healthcare Provider: Maintain an open line of communication with your doctor when it comes to your abilities and concerns. By asking for and listening to advice from a professional, you’re able to learn ways you can maintain freedom through healthy lifestyle choices.

Choose Independence at Lakewood Senior Living

At Lakewood, independent living in Richmond, we focus on giving you an array of choices so you can create YOUR ideal, independent senior living lifestyle. No matter what you want to do, we’ll handle all the responsibilities of home maintenance while you explore life’s possibilities. Plus, as the only Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Richmond, we have a full continuum of on-site care for peace of mind backed by the financial predictability of Life Care.

Come see how we’ve been helping active seniors live a more engaging and independent lifestyle since 1977. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your personal tour.