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How Is a Cottage at Lakewood Different from My Current Home?

Where do you see yourself spending your retirement years? Many retirees have an expectation of aging at home because it feels familiar and comfortable. But when they experience the all-inclusive lifestyle and spacious residences available in a senior living community, the advantages are clear. Let’s explore some of the similarities and differences of choosing an Independent Living cottage vs. living at home.

Surprising Similarities

Many of the perks you enjoy now in your current home stay with you when you move to an Independent Living community. Here are just a few of the similarities between senior living and living at home:

  • Spacious residences. At Lakewood, you’ll find spacious freestanding cottages up to 2,800 square feet. That’s larger than the average home in Richmond, VA, which was 1,957 square feet in September 2022, according to economic data from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Our two-bedroom, two-bath cottage floor plans feature 9-foot ceilings, expansive windows and high-end finishes.
  • Privacy and comfort. Just as in your own home, you have privacy in your cottage in a senior living community. You choose when to retreat to the comfort of your home and when to venture out to socialize with neighbors or participate in community events.
  • Freedom to make it your own. You have the freedom to decorate and furnish your Independent Living cottage to match your style, just as you do in your current home. In fact, you may have even more flexibility to decorate your new space and truly make it your own, since you’re essentially working with a blank canvas. Moving into a senior living community is an opportunity for a fresh start that can be whatever you make of it!

Distinct Differences

Moving to a retirement community opens a whole new world of possibilities with a maintenance-free lifestyle. Here are some of the key differentiators:

  • Relief from the burdens of home maintenance. When you move to an Independent Living community, you can leave behind the hassles of home maintenance. We handle chores like lawn mowing, home repairs and more, so you can spend more time enjoying the retirement lifestyle you’ve earned. Whether you choose one of our comfortable apartments or spacious cottages, your maintenance needs will be expertly managed, inside and out.
  • No pressure to cook meals. There’s no need to toil over meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and doing the dishes when you have an array of dining choices right on campus. Enjoy chef-prepared meals and a farm-to-table culinary experience at multiple dining venues at Lakewood.
  • Convenient fitness classes and spa services. It’s a lot easier to take care of your health and well-being when you have a gym, fitness classes, and spa services just down the road or a short walk away. Our wellness program empowers residents to live exceptionally well and find joy, purpose, and inspiration every day.
  • Social opportunities. As a resident of an Independent Living community, you’re surrounded by like-minded peers who may become some of your closest friends. Having a strong network of friends and neighbors can boost social and emotional health as you age, and a senior living community is a great place to make those connections.
  • Room to grow. You’ll find yourself naturally immersed in the community and meeting new people as you explore new hobbies and participate in social gatherings at Lakewood. If you enjoy gardening, you’ll feel right at home tending our community garden areas with neighbors and friends. Take advantage of a wide range of activities and programs to enhance your quality of life, from art classes to woodworking. You’ll find there’s more time to enjoy — and less to maintain — when you don’t have to store art supplies or woodworking tools in your home or garage.
  • A plan for future health care. If you’re generally healthy, you may not think you need the health services offered at a senior living community. However, waiting to move into a retirement community until your health declines may put you and your loved ones in a stressful situation. Moving sooner rather than later puts you in control, so you can move on your own terms and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a plan for your future care. 

The Perks of Independent Living at Lakewood

You don’t have to give up space, privacy, or freedom when you move to an Independent Living home at Lakewood. Our spacious cottages have all the comforts of living at home plus the perks of living at an upscale retirement community. Use our Cost Comparison Calculator for a side-by-side comparison of the costs of your current lifestyle versus living at Lakewood.