Rosenbaum senior couple residents at Lakewood Senior Living

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A Blue Sapphire Celebration: Lakewood Couple Marks 65 Years

On April 17, Bob and Claire Rosenbaum celebrated their blue sapphire anniversary. The couple never imagined they would have to celebrate 65 years without family or friends. But, with the help of the dining services team, they were able to commemorate the joyous occasion.

Executive Chef Steven Perez and Dining Room Supervisor Michael Handy worked together to prepare the couple’s favorite meal—steak, mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables—and delivered it to their home. Claire said the celebration was a very special one thanks to the Lakewood team.

“For 65 years we have celebrated our wedding anniversary in various venues, with different menus. And each one has been memorable, some better than others, but always to acknowledge that we have been together, as they say, through thick and thin,” Claire said. “We will remember and appreciate this for I hope some years to come.”

Claire said what the dining services team did for them is remarkable. She said she knows this is equally difficult for them and she appreciates their efforts.

“Delivering the food, taking orders, cooking and preparing so many meals a day. It is a daunting task, and they do it so well. I speak for not only Bob and myself but our children and grandchildren when I say thank you for all you do.”

For Perez, it’s memories like these that help him through this difficult time. Communal dining has been suspended at Lakewood since March 14. Perez and the rest of the dining services team have been preparing and delivering every meal to residents at home.

“I am honored to have been a small part of their celebration. Knowing the meal I helped to prepare brought them some joy and helped honor their special day brings me a sense of personal satisfaction,” he said.

“Dinner last night was delicious, prepared with care and I think with love, and we are very grateful. We are surely in the best place we could be right now, and you are all helping keep us safe.”

Claire Rosenbaum